Shape-shifters are Changing America

One of the most persistently alluring but frightening themes of science-fiction films features creatures able to transform themselves into any form they'd like. The power to shift one's self into any form at any given moment by a sheer act of will, also a theme of traditional mythology and folklore, means that for the shape-shifter, nothing is permanently solid material. "Reality" is illusory because it is infinitely malleable. Reality is whatever you want it to be at any given moment. Who would have thought even a few years ago that the conjectures of ancient mythology and modern sci-fi would become "reality" as the world's most powerful nation reverts to pagan ideals by enacting laws that essentially acknowledge the rights of shape-shifters? Mostly unbeknownst to most of us mortals, a modern day shape-shifter can become the opposite of the sex he or she was born as, transforming into a man or woman in an instant. It doesn't matter if the biological assignment given at birth remains....(Read Full Article)