Shamnesty's Latest Sellout

Sickly sentimentality is bearing its rotten fruit, and this country may suffer as a consequence. Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte's support makes amnesty more likely to pass the Senate. Here is a sample of her rationale: As a nation of immigrants, we must remember that we're all descended from people who came here from somewhere else in search of a better life. Do we really want to bring a severe social transformation upon ourselves, with such claptrap justifying the decision? What makes Ayotte's feeble reasoning most disturbing is the fact that she repeatedly claimed to oppose amnesty in 2010. At that time, Ayotte strongly rejected the idea that our history of immigration somehow justified amnesty. She drew a distinction between legal immigration, which gave us past generations of immigrants, and illegal immigration today: We are all the sons and daughters and granddaughters and grandsons of immigrants. But when they came here, they came here to...(Read Full Article)