Shaking a Fist at Thunderheads

Ah, war, that scourge of humanity. How nice it would be if all the swords were beaten into plowshares and the lion were to lie down with the lamb. "None of us should be in wars. Wars are the last resort, the absolute last resort to try to settle our differences -- and it really doesn't. All it really does is have people die, and people are maimed, and you never really accomplish what you set off to accomplish." -- Doran Cart, Senior Curator of the National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial, Kansas City, MO, speaking on Kansas City's Fox 4 News in a Memorial Day 2013 newscast. Doran Cart received his master's degree in museum studies and history from the University of California, Riverside. His curatorial skills and hard work have given us a museum widely recognized for its excellence. However, his statement above expresses sentiments about war that are commonly held, unfortunately, by our best and brightest, both in and out of academia. Notice that Mr. Cart's comments are not...(Read Full Article)