Shai Franklin's Distorted Discourse on Iranian Dissidents

On Monday, June 17, 2013, Shai Franklin, currently senior fellow for United Nations Affairs at the Institute on Religion and Public Affairs, penned a critique for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency entitled "Stop pretending to care about Iranians' rights."  In it, he roundly criticized Professor Irwin Cotler and Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk for their essay, "Stand with the dissidents of Iran," published in the JTA on Friday, June 14, 2013.  Franklin condemned the Cotler-Kirk call for support of the newly formed Iranian Political Prisoners Global Advocacy Project as counter-productive.  He proclaimed that their appeal for support "actually undermines the cause of dissidents who are risking their lives and being tortured daily just for the basic dignity that most JTA readers take for granted." Mr. Franklin may be an expert in many areas of Middle-East affairs -- his background certainly implies such -- but on this issue he is woefully ignorant.  No, this writer is...(Read Full Article)