Reining in Fascism

If fascism exists in America -- and the IRS targeting the Obama Administration's political and religious foes, Department of Justice spying on AP reporters, labeling a Fox News journalist a felon, and the NSA collecting millions of Americans' phone records indicate it does -- how could it be changed to the republic established by the Constitution? Fascist regimes in Europe were transformed in two major ways: (1) devastating defeat in war (Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy); (2) the leader's death (Franco in Spain, Salazar in Portugal). Defeat, followed by the western allies' occupation, delegitimized Hitler's and Mussolini's regimes and paved the way for democratic successors. (East Germany is another story.) Franco's and Salazar's deaths might not have been sufficient for democratic regimes to emerge in Spain and Portugal, but they were necessary. The XXIInd Amendment to the Constitution -- assuming it will still apply -- ensures that Obama will be out of office after January 20, 2017....(Read Full Article)