Random Social Evolution or Money Talking?

The concept of social evolution is bogus, as is the naïve presumption of randomness that accompanies it. However, the elites who would steer culture toward libertinism and radical individual autonomy use this fraudulent language to mask their concerted and well-funded efforts to direct social change for the worse. These wealthy coarseners of culture need not be directed by a central command because often they share the vain self-affirming view that they themselves succeeded in a random contest of the fittest, in which their autonomous efforts and skills were superior. Thus they, a sad but very well-capitalized group, seek the promotion of individual autonomy because it is a monument, validates their self-worth and, through both self-affirmation and legacy-seeking, forestalls the consideration of death. Let's start with evolution. Biological evolutionary timetables indicate the emergence of anatomically modern humans about 200,000 years ago and humans who reached behavioral modernity...(Read Full Article)