Prominent Blacks Deserting the Liberal Plantation

In the last few months we have seen the rise to national prominence of the conservative Dr. Ben Carson of Maryland, the surprise emergence of  Bishop E.W. Jackson as the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in Virginia, and now Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory has switched parties with a video that has gone viral.  During this period Republican Congressman Tim Scott also became the junior US Senator from South Carolina.  Note, too, that about a year ago former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis switched parties.  The media loves to talk about tokenism when it addresses the issue of black Republicans but there is a tipping point at which this becomes a trend that can't be dismissed, even if the likes of Chris Matthews insist there are currently no blacks in the US Senate. Two factors may be happening here.  Black men -- other than educated elites such as Obama -- have tended to have been treated pretty shabbily by the politically correct elite...(Read Full Article)