Obama's Terror Gambit

It seems that the Goebbels playbook is working. Obama fronts the game so well that he dodges any personal responsibility for various lies and administration blunders now in the news. And all of this is OK with the Twitter twits. The buck no longer stops at the top: it stops with the assistant to the deputy assistant's assistant down in the bowels of some obscure bureaucracy. Or maybe amateur video auteurs are at fault. All presidents have a bumpy ride in their second term and Obama is no exception. But the scope and variety of recent malpractice is astounding. Yet few folks seem to care: the media remains incurious and the wired generation is busy with their Facebook status, Tweets, YouTube, and almost any Kardashian gluetus maximus. Foreign policy malpractice registers on a global scale. At some point in the first term, Obama went, at least in the minds of most voters, from dithering amateur to decisive statesman. How did Obama survive a first term that had all the earmarks of...(Read Full Article)