Obama's Loss of Trust and Credibility

The latest polls show that President Obama's approval ratings are in free fall like a hot air balloon with the fire extinguished; his approval rating has declined eight percentage points over the past month. CNN reporter Chris Cuomo described the decline as "dropping like a stone." Lara Brown of U.S. News and World Report, declared, "The Obama presidency becomes more Grant than Lincoln every day." Even his standing as a "leader" has shown a six-percentage-point drop among those who think he is a decisive and strong leader. Worse, CNN reports that half of the public no longer trust the president or find him honest, credible, or trustworthy. The worst news, though, is that 54 percent of the public disapprove of the president's job performance - up nine points over the past month. Taken as a whole, this is a meltdown of public support for the president and the first time since November 2011 that a poll revealed that a majority of Americans view the president negatively. Significantly, it...(Read Full Article)