New Carbon Regulations, at Greater Cost to America

Five years into Obama's presidency, twelve million Americans remain unemployed, ten million others are underemployed, the unemployment rate is rising, and Obama wants to make it worse. In the fourth year of the Reagan presidency, the national economy grew by 6.8%.  Last year, under Obama, it was still stuck at 2.2%.  That difference is not accidental.  It is the result of the contrasting policies of the two administrations.  Sadly, the economic destruction of America continues in Obama's second term. One example of this continuing damage is Obama's determination to fight the phantom of climate change.  For the past 15 years, the global climate has been cooling, not warming.  And yet Obama, together with his "climate and energy advisor," Heather Zichal, has just announced a costly new initiative to halt global warming. On Tuesday, Obama announced sweeping new regulations that will effectively block the construction of new coal-fired power plants and...(Read Full Article)