MSM is Lying: Conservatives Are the Mainstream

During his sabbatical, a university professor wishes to come to Florida to interview me for a study he is doing on black Tea Partiers.  He said he wants to find out why "you think the way you think."  Why do I get the feeling this guy believes that black conservatives are a strange phenomenon, almost unique as discovering a Bigfoot?  This professor is flying all the way to Florida to actually meet me, an extremely rare species -- a Blackus Conservativus. As believers in traditional values such as faith in God, family, and country, conservatives are viciously attacked by the mainstream media, which function as enforcers, punishing all who dare challenge the left's socialist/progressive agenda.  The MSM portrays conservatives as nutcase extremists; take Col. Allen West, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Ted Cruz to name a few. Liberals decry as "kooky" those of us who believe that the institution of marriage should continue to remain the union of one man and one...(Read Full Article)