Moses Finally Vindicated by Israeli Oil

Ever since Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt critics have grumbled he took the wrong road by going through Sinai on the way to the Promised Land and thus missing the petrochemicals and oil fields in the area. Since its establishment, Israel has drilled more than 400 wells in unsuccessful efforts hoping to find oil. Now we have  extraordinary announcements of recent findings starting with the discovery, 50 miles off the Israeli coast, of natural gas in 2009 that will make Israel one of the world's energy powers. Moses was right and an apology is due to him. In mid March 2013 the first major Israeli gas field, Tamar, discovered in 2009, began production with the first deliveries to Israel. A remarkable story is rapidly unfolding with new hydrocarbon developments in the Middle East as Israel becomes an important producer of energy. Tamar, with its currently estimated capacity of 8.5 trillion cubic feet, will be sufficient to supply the domestic market with gas...(Read Full Article)