Lethal Pandering

To pander or not to pander. As researchers and clinicians, psychologists are confronted with the problem of what to do when the "customer" is not in the right. For decades the American Psychological Association (APA) has been committing malpractice against the American people by cooking up pseudoscience that panders to the activist wings of race and sex minorities. The APA is wasting millions of public dollars confabulizing theories that deny individual responsibility in African-Americans and members of sex minorities. (This essay eschews the propagandistic terms for an increasingly byzantine list of psychosexualities. Spiritually dehumanizing and scientifically unfounded, those terms are replaced here by the summative term "sex minorities" where it is unavoidable to lump individuals into a group). The sine qua non of a healthy personality is the ability to take apposite responsibility for one's behavior. People who are severely and chronically unable to accept responsibility are said...(Read Full Article)