Kissing My Daughter Goodbye

I just kissed my daughter goodbye, leaving her in Israel. This has always been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, as a mother. I know that living in Israel is an independent choice that she has made as an intelligent, thinking adult. Yet, I remain acutely aware of the ever-increasing dangers of living in the heart of that highly contested land, which is like an oasis of sanity in an increasingly more primordial, primitive, and more radicalized Middle East. This ominous feeling became a bit more intensified by the fact that, as I was leaving, there were two national air raid drills. On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Israel as "the most threatened state in the world." The Israeli Defense establishment recently reported that there are 200,000 missiles and rockets in the collective hands of Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and Hamas that are aimed at every Israeli city. The situation in Syria is nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe -- and a...(Read Full Article)