Jewish 'Leaders' Are Driving Away Jews

Jewish religious leaders complain that American Jews are intermarrying, assimilating, and abandoning Judaism. These leaders include Eric Yoffie, the former head of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ). The URJ was itself a major source of the problem on Yoffie's watch, and it still is. I refer to its support of political agendas that cannot help but alienate at least some people of Reform Jewish identity, such as myself. Eric Yoffie first came to my attention through his speech, in his capacity as the head of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (now the URJ) to the anti-Second Amendment Million Mom March in 2000. Mr. Yoffie, under color of Reform Judaism, declared war on every single Jew who supports the Second Amendment, and who knows from history what happens to Jews, Armenians, Ukrainians, African-Americans, and other minorities who have no weapons. I have included my own observations. Yoffie: Is the need for sensible gun-control a religious issue? You bet it is. The...(Read Full Article)