It Isn't Over Yet

A frustrating reaction to some postings on the American Thinker is the "it's all over, the Republic is gone, we've lost, etc." lament. Unless effectively countered, it could lead some to surrender prematurely to the forces of darkness currently afflicting America. Yes, conservatives are in serious trouble. We lost the culture wars. Along with their left-wing Democrat allies, the news and entertainment industries are transmogrifying the U.S into some kind of welfare state. Ultra-leftists are in the saddle and determined to stay on top. The Right is demoralized and divided. The typical citizen pays more attention to reality TV than to public affairs. There are other examples of conservatives' predicament, but these will suffice. No matter how bleak situations have been in the past, those who fought on should always be inspiring. They haven't always prevailed; think of those doomed 7th Cavalry troopers at Little Big Horn. But, despite very steep odds, some "last-ditch defenders of lost...(Read Full Article)