Israel's Right to Negotiate

Israel National News had a breaking news item this week under the title "Kerry Expects Israeli Concessions to PA down the Line." We are told, The US has requested the EU give them sole responsibility for brokering peace with the PA, and Secretary John Kerry will soon present a two-stage negotiation program. According to Kerry's proposal, negotiations with the PA without preconditions, pertaining to PA statehood and Israeli security guarantees. Following an agreement on these points in principle, The PA will receive hefty financial reinforcement as a reward, in addition to a bonus Israeli construction freeze. That's diplomacy for you. Abbas drops preconditions and Israel agrees to a settlement freeze as a bonus. Thus Israel will satisfy one of his previous preconditions. Another example of diplomacy at work is the major concessions Netanyahu got from Obama in his first term. Early on Obama made the statement that negotiations should proceed without preconditions and that the...(Read Full Article)