Islamist Terrorists Threaten Sinai

The Sinai Peninsula, located between the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Aqaba, an area of about 23,000 square miles, is the site of both historically biblical significance and of constant warfare. Sinai is where Moses received the Ten Commandments, and the area the Israelites crossed on their way to the Promised Land. Near Mount Sinai is the Monastery of the Transfiguration or St. Catherine's Monastery, a World Heritage Site with an extraordinary collection of mosaics, early icons, and liturgical objects, which is the oldest working Christian monastery in the world. Sinai has also been the site of many conflicts over the centuries. After four hundred years of rule by the Ottoman Empire the administration of Sinai was transferred to the Egyptian government, which had been largely controlled by Britain since 1882. Britain imposed the border of Sinai from Rafah to Taba, which is still recognized as the eastern border of Egypt. From Sinai the Egyptian forces in May 1948 invaded the...(Read Full Article)