Immigration Reform: Not Easy, But it is Simple

By enacting just two basic -- albeit politically difficult measures -- neither of which are possible with the current president and Senate, our massive and emotionally charged illegal immigration problem would largely take care of itself within a few years. Not only that, but a laser focus on these two steps could codify the conservative/Republican position around principles we all agree on, and would leave the messier areas of our disagreements to a more appropriate time. The low hanging fruit -- the crux of this matter -- is truly far simpler than we are making it, while some other hypotheticals are far more complex than most are willing to acknowledge. Labor and deportation nuances are inherently intertwined with issues like welfare, food stamps, unemployment compensation, law-enforcement logistics, and even workers comp, and are the result of supply and demand and human nature colliding with a porous border for about six decades. I'll get to all of this in a minute, and the...(Read Full Article)