'I Was Born This Way'

One of the more effective arguments used by those arguing for same-sex marriage and sexual orientation anti-discrimination laws is that homosexuals have no choice in the matter -- that sexual orientation is something that you are born with, and you can't change it.  The claim is that this is a natural part of human variability, no different from skin color or hair color or how tall you are.  As an acquaintance -- a generally conservative, gay high power rifle shooter (talk about being a member of the world's smallest cross-section of identity groups) told me once, "Why would anyone choose to be gay?" There is pretty persuasive evidence that what determines sexual orientation, at least for some homosexuals, is environmental.  At a minimum, the evidence of a connection between being sexually abused as a child and homosexual or bisexual orientation as an adult is so widespread that the refusal of the scientific community to seriously consider a causal connection suggests...(Read Full Article)