How Quaint: Big Brother Demands 'Privacy'

The other day, as usual, I began the day by checking for messages on the NSA notice board, aka my private e-mail account.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that I had received an official invite to Netroots Nation, the annual shindig for undocumented transgender community-organizing Marxists of color.  I was bummed out, however, to learn that this year's festivities, being held in San Jose, California, begin tomorrow, on June 20, while I'm still administering final exams here in Korea, so I'll have to miss out on the opening "Liquid Courage" party with Howard Dean. This four-day event, jam-packed with seminars and colloquia, includes guest appearances by an impressive list of progressive members of the United States Congress, from Pelosi and Begich to Ellison and Waxman; exclude the more moderate half of the House roster Allen West identified as communists, and the remainder, along with their senatorial counterparts, are on the schedule at Netroots Nation.  Then...(Read Full Article)