Dealing with Devils

Barack Obama has crossed his fingers and thrown the dice, hoping for an honorable exit from Afghanistan by extending the olive branch to our enemy.  Peace talks with the Taliban, Obama says, are "an important first step toward reconciliation." "The one thing that we do believe," he continues, "is that any insurgent group, including the Taliban, is going to need to accept an Afghan constitution that renounces ties to al-Qaeda, ends violence, and is committed to protection of women and minorities in the country." It's a shame that we even need to ask this question about a president who we were assured in 2008 was the smartest guy in the room, but does he know anything at all about the Taliban? The Taliban is not a group with rogue elements that are given to spates of violence, misogyny, and intolerance.  Violence, misogyny, and intolerance define the Taliban. It is an organization that unapologetically promotes the public whipping of women for exposed ankles, the...(Read Full Article)