CNN Edits Out Comparison of TWA 800 and Benghazi

On this past Saturday morning, I did a live remote from Kansas City for CNN's "New Day" program on the subject of TWA Flight 800, hosted by Alison Kosik. What follows is the transcript as it appears on What does not appear I will explain later. Inherent in this transcript is the Achilles heel of what is arguably the most successful bit of government propaganda in American peacetime history. Unwittingly, what the CNN editors left in is more damning than what they took out. KOSIK: TWA Flight 800 crashed in 1996 killing 230 people. An exhaustive investigation called it an accident. We're going to tell you why some of the crash investigators are now saying that conclusion may have been wrong. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) KOSIK: It's been 17 years since TWA Flight 800 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing all 230 people on board. What followed was an exhaustive four-year search for answers and a 50,000-page report that it found a spark from faulty wiring, that that is what caused a...(Read Full Article)