Civilization by the Numbers

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has published the results of a study which evaluates 34 major countries around the world against a set of eleven criteria to produce what OECD calls its Better Life Index (it's a Eurocentric list; two glaring omissions are China and India; only two of the 34 countries are from Asia). The BLI basically indicates the best places to live on the planet. The USA does remarkably well in the study, and if there's a biggest loser amid the BLI results that nation is Russia. The way OECD presents (or "visualizes") its data is as fascinating as the data itself. On its website, you can assign your own level of importance to each of the eleven criteria and produce your own customized list of countries ranked from one to 34 based on your personal set of life priorities. The visualization is fully animated, so the country rankings dance and reorganize before your eyes as you adjust them. Then, if necessary, you can call the moving...(Read Full Article)