Brothers and Sisters in Freedom and Prosperity

Here's a video of a black man, Elbert Lee Guillory, from the deep south, who sounds like he has his political head screwed on tight -- for all his brothers and sisters, as he says, and a lot of mine, too. Not because of Guillory's initial homily about Jim-Crow Democrats and civil-rights Republicans, but because Guillory puts his finger directly on one of the biggest American political frauds of the last half-century: the Democratic Party's political dogma about the welfare state lifting black men out of poverty and finally freeing them from slavery's repressive past. The welfare state has, of course, done no such thing. Instead, as Guillory himself rightly points out, the welfare state has effectively re-enslaved many black men on a government plantation, where now they toil in welfare dependencies and voting booths rather than in the fields of white men.  They trade their pride, manhood, and self-reliance for handouts from populist politicians interested only in buying the...(Read Full Article)