When You Have to Shoot, Shoot; Don't Talk

New York State has made it clear that it believes that only police officers can be trusted with magazines that hold more than seven rounds.  A Nassau County police officer recently fired eight rounds at an armed individual who was menacing him and a hostage, with the result that the hostage died.  The responsibility for Andrea Rebollo's death lies squarely with New York's failure to train police officers adequately to deal with human shield situations.  Anti-gun mayor Michael Bloomberg does not bother to train his police to shoot well enough to avoid wounding nine innocent bystanders in a gunfight with one criminal. First, why did the officer in question need to fire eight rounds to disable the gunman?  Front Sight's four-day defensive handgun course includes considerable emphasis on putting a single bullet into the cranio-ocular cavity of a criminal who is using a human shield.  My first impression was that the time might be better spent on other skills,...(Read Full Article)