Virginia GOP Nominates Conservative Slate

Virginia Republicans nominated a conservative ticket for the November 2013 Virginia elections on Saturday, May 18, 2013. The Virginia GOP snubbed the unwelcome advice of Karl Rove urging Republicans across the country to nominate uninspiring moderates without an agenda. The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) will run for November: Current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for Governor (whom this author knew in law school) Bishop E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor, and Virginia State Senator Mark Obenshain for Attorney General. The nomination of African-American, enthusiastically and loudly Christian Bishop E.W. Jackson for lieutenant governor was the biggest surprise. Jackson offers the most intriguing dynamics heading into the 2013 general election. Jackson will not only stir up the Virginia elections but may also challenge Barack Obama nationally. However, Obama shockingly won Virginia in 2012, presumably with Democrats' new, high-tech voter turn-out systems that may once again...(Read Full Article)