Trayvon, George, and the Homeless Man

At a pre-trial hearing on May 28, the attorney for accused murderer George Zimmerman, Mark O'Mara, slipped a time bomb into the public record that no one in the major media seemed to notice.  It had to do with a homeless man, and the relationship between that man and the victim of Zimmerman's alleged crime, Trayvon Martin.   O'Mara's allusion had particular resonance in this case because Zimmerman first surfaced publicly in Sanford, Florida, in a case involving a homeless man.  As it happened, in December 2010, a police lieutenant's son named Justin Collison sucker-punched a black homeless man named Sherman Ware outside a Sanford bar, with seeming impunity.   Although Ware suffered a concussion, and there was video evidence of Collison's action, no action was taken against Collison for nearly a month.  Upset at the lack of media attention, Zimmerman and his wife Shellie printed fliers demanding that the community "hold accountable" officers responsible...(Read Full Article)