This Time it's not about Bill and Sex

Most of the political crises and scandals in Hillary Clinton's career have centered on her randy husband, the former president Bill Clinton. There was Whitewater and Ken Starr's investigation, and Hillary's cattle futures deal, but those were outliers. There's no sex romp by Bill to blame this time, though, not regarding Benghazi. It's Hillary's fingerprints all over Benghazi, not her husband's. There's no bimbo eruption that requires Hillary's master touch to quell. Gennifer Flowers is a distant memory. Monica Lewinsky's semen-stained dress will turn up one day on Mysteries at the Museum. The quietly suffering wife storyline won't play this time. Former Secretary of State Clinton is dead center in the burgeoning Benghazi scandal. It's Hillary's judgment, decision-making, and ethics that are coming under fire (Mr. Obama won't be far behind). No doubt, Bill, indebted by years of Hillary's managed bailouts, is troubleshooting Benghazi for his bride behind the scenes. But Bill is too...(Read Full Article)