The Senate's Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Law

In a perfect world, where Republicans actually exercise their principles, this essay would be called "The Democrats' Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog-Law."  Sadly -- but let us agree, surprisingly -- Republicans are complicit with Democrats in passing the travesty known as the Marketplace Fairness Act.  This Heather has two mommies. The purported logic behind the MFA is simple: the ability, via the internet, to buy products and services across state lines without paying a state sales tax puts in-state businesses, who must collect state sales tax from their customers, at an unfair competitive disadvantage. Nonsense.  First, where is it written that business competitors must be fair?  Open and transparent, yes.  Honest, yes.  But fair?  Business, like politics, ain't beanbag.  Indeed, one could argue, the goal of every businessman, to the great advantage of us consumers, is to be un-fair -- to gain a competitive advantage over his competitors in the only way...(Read Full Article)