The Rule for Radicals that Alinsky Skipped

That genius, Saul Alinsky, never figured on failings of character making a botch of his notorious Rules for Radicals. Or did he? The characters of Alinsky's two most accomplished acolytes, President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are in the national spotlight. Both are in a lot of deep do-do these days. You see, that coke-bottle glasses-wearing dweeby little Capone Mob hanger-on that Saul Alinsky was never said or wrote much about the character required in a radical to make his rules work. Why? Because no one with standup character could ever engage in the amorality and venality that comprises Alinsky's shabby brownshirt, Marxist agitator, mobster rip-off tactics. Saul was a small ball artist -- a street-level tactician (read: penny-ante hood, pamphleteer, and political hustler). Big thoughts weren't much Saul's bag. Character wasn't core curriculum in Alinsky's radicals' how-to. Questions of character were pretty much out of bounds for Alinsky, who had...(Read Full Article)