The Media's Yellow Submarine

Spain is struggling economically, so imagine how angry its citizens must be to learn that its government spent $680 million on a yellow submarine that is unusable because it is too heavy to float As the scandals of this administration start floating to the surface our own Fourth Estate seems trapped at the bottom, too, by the over expenditure of its credibility on Obama, an unsuitable object of veneration. At Red State, Moe Lane could not conceal his delight at the turn of events: I've always considered the relationship between Barack Obama and the Media to be a lot less genuine than is commonly believed: there's no real emotional connection on the corporate level. Barack Obama has always approached the Media with a certain inherent cynical contempt that only got more and more brazen as the years went on and nobody reacted to never being given press conferences and seeing local media be punished for non-flattering coverage and having reporters stuffed in closets and whatnot. And, for...(Read Full Article)