The Magic Gosnell Moment

The Magic Gosnell Moment (MGM) occurs at that instant when a blob of cells that's part of a woman's body suddenly turns into the woman's daughter -- the amorphous blob in an instant reforming into a human being.  That moment occurs when the last bit of the blob exits the blob's owner's womb. Abortion advocates have worshiped at the altar of the MGM for decades.  Without the MGM, women might ask why it's okay to kill their children if the children are young enough.  But so long as children aren't children until they're born, there's no problem with killing blobs of cells.  That's why abortion is such an easy decision for a woman; after all, what woman has a problem deciding to have a wart, especially an unsightly one, removed?  On the downside, the fact that the blob isn't a child mean's it's impossible to determine who the father of the blob is until after the MGM, so the police can't identify who is responsible for a blob inside a murdered pregnant woman....(Read Full Article)