The Magic Gosnell Moment

The Magic Gosnell Moment (MGM) occurs at that instant when a blob of cells that's part of a woman's body suddenly turns into the woman's daughter -- the amorphous blob in an instant reforming into a human being.  That moment occurs when the last bit of the blob exits the blob's owner's womb.

Abortion advocates have worshiped at the altar of the MGM for decades.  Without the MGM, women might ask why it's okay to kill their children if the children are young enough.  But so long as children aren't children until they're born, there's no problem with killing blobs of cells.  That's why abortion is such an easy decision for a woman; after all, what woman has a problem deciding to have a wart, especially an unsightly one, removed?  On the downside, the fact that the blob isn't a child mean's it's impossible to determine who the father of the blob is until after the MGM, so the police can't identify who is responsible for a blob inside a murdered pregnant woman.  Knowing that might help them identify the killer, so it's a shame that it can't be done.

Because of the MGM, abortion advocates call the blob a fetus.  Unlike terms such as "baby," "toddler," "teenager," and "senior [or 'seasoned' if you like Rush] citizen," which describe different phases in the life of a person, "fetus" refers to a completely non-human entity -- like the alien in Alien.  Abortion advocates are still refining their faith to explain how when a fetus is killed without her mother's permission, the blob, or fetus, magically becomes human -- can't convict Ariel Castro of murder if he just terminated blobs, after all.

Some who lack the abortion faith have raised issues with the MGM.  Misogynistic scientists, many being obviously self-loathing women, have shown that an organism is uniquely identifiable based on its DNA -- every crime show uses this obviously insane concept to catch the killer, who is usually a well-respected church-attending businessman.  Insanity such as using DNA to identify organisms would mean that the fetuses, from the moment their unique DNA was formed at conception, would, scientifically, be human beings.  Similarly, some biologists, with obvious political motives, have pointed out that every mother testifies that the blob is not part of her body.  The umbilical cord evolved not to be a post-birth meal, but rather to isolate the blob from the mother's immune system.  At the most fundamental biological level, every woman's immune system identifies the blob as being not-self.  Without the umbilical cord, a woman's immune system would attack the blob without hesitation.

Fortunately, some brave men, such as Obama and Gosnell, have the moral courage to look at the science and realize that the MGM is based on not science, but blind faith -- a faith necessitated by abortion advocates to make sex an act without consequences.  Obama and Gosnell realize that abortion is the killing not of a blob, but of a member of the human race -- it's the DNA, stupid.  Therefore, progressive men like Obama and Gosnell realize that there is no MGM, and that what was in the mother's womb is identical to what is outside her womb seconds later.  That's why Obama refers to a born-alive baby as a "fetus."  Fortunately for women, Obama and Gosnell also realize that even without the MGM, little girls, at least up until a bit after they're born, are the property of their mothers, and just like slave-owners could put down their property, mothers can terminate their daughters with extreme prejudice.

Gosnell's intellectual honesty has resulted in his being convicted for killing three babies.  He will have the consolation of getting an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the only man convicted of murder for being late.  Had Gosnell just cut the spinal cord of those babies a few minutes earlier, when they were blobs, he'd have been hailed as a hero of women's rights instead of facing life in prison.

It's a sad reflection on the intolerance of our society that a man like Gosnell is being punished for acknowledging that the blob is just a person writ young.  If abortion advocates make Gosnell a hero for killing the blob right before birth, can society really blame Gosnell for realizing that there's no change in that blob from before birth to after it?  If the mother wants to kill her child, why let the fact that the child managed to escape the womb limit the mother's rights?  We execute people on death row even if they manage to escape and are later recaptured, don't we?

As a doctor, in the tradition of Mengele, Gosnell knew that babies are viable, with current medical technology, starting around week 22, so he knew that the abortion faith says it is okay to kill viable babies.  Who can castigate Gosnell for assuming that such meant that killing a born child is okay?

In all of this, we have a truly magical Gosnell moment: a chance to show Americans what abortion is really all about.

It's not debatable in the face of modern science that abortion is anything other than the killing of a human being.  Instead, when forced to defend abortion, people declare that while the unborn are human beings, they aren't persons.  This is a proud line of reasoning with great heritage, having been used to justify slavery and the Holocaust.  According to racists and anti-Semites, blacks and Jews may be members of the human race, but they aren't persons in the eye of the law.  The reality is that either all human beings are persons in the eye of the law, or we declare that government can decide which human beings are persons.  This latter course leaves open the possibility of new Holocausts or slave plantations.

Given that there is no MGM, why is it murder for a mother to leave her newborn daughter in a car with no ventilation, which causes the baby to die, but okay for that same mother to have aborted that same daughter a week earlier?  The answer is simple: it's never right to kill one's child.  We are called to love our children.  We don't own them, which is why we punish abusive parents.

While we need to support couples facing unplanned pregnancies, it's not really helping them to tell them it's okay to kill their sons and daughters -- no more than it's helping someone who caused a car accident to tell him to kill the other person to avoid a lawsuit.

The right answer is to practice responsible, monogamous sex open to children.  Birth control is not good enough to prevent pregnancies in a casual-sex world, nine out of every 100 women on the Pill get pregnant in a year.  Abortion is risky to women, too; there's good evidence that it is linked to elevated cancer risk and to long-term psychological problems.  So from both an unselfish "the child has a right to life" or a selfish "women don't want cancer or psychological problems" perspective, we should look to Gosnell to lead us to a more caring America, where the most dangerous place in the world for a black girl is no longer her mother's womb.

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