The Khafir is Always to Blame

The leader of the Muslim Public Affairs (MPACUK), Asghar Bukhari, when interviewed by the BBC, placed the entire blame for the murder in Woolwich on the West. He didn't have a single word to say about totalitarian Islamism and certainly not about jihad in Islam itself or in the Koran. No. The khafir, as always, is entirely to blame. And Muslims, as always, are only passive victims. But there's nothing new here. What is the government likely to do apart from condemn the violence and deny the link between our own foreign policy and domestic acts of violence by some of Britain's Muslims? Nothing whatsoever. Despite the Muslim Public Affairs Committee's efforts, the depressingly predictable and familiar cycle of violence is likely to continue until the government accepts the real link between the two. Only then will any solution be within reach. -- MPACUK, 23.5.2013 Even when Muhammad, and later Muslim leaders, invaded all the surrounding empires and countries, they said it was all a...(Read Full Article)