The IRS Patriots

For those of us throwbacks still grumbling over the early 20th century Progressive zeitgeist that laid the foundations of modern America's political absurdities, it's a wonder that the IRS even exists at all: America was, after all, supposed to be the place where Big Government came to die, and it's hard to imagine a better example of Big Government than an entire bureau dedicated to figuring out more ways to take your money. And they knew it back then, too, and were not shy about saying it: the first 1040 form, sent out in 1913, is just as dense and unwieldy as the one we have today."As provided by an Act of Congress," the form reads, "approved October 3, 1913," a date which might live on in infamy if anyone really had much interest in the subject. But when the chief executive of the central government declares taxes a "patriotic" component of citizenship, as opposed to a merely functionary one, you've probably lost the battle already, and the war, along with a good deal of your...(Read Full Article)