The irrational modern woman, sexual anarchy, and 'rape culture'

Having already expressed my profound admiration for womankind -- that Woman is worthy of protection and chivalry -- I must now express something far less comfortable, and yet vital to her well-being.  For in recent years I've become aware that modern woman, being alienated generations from the laws of nature and all sensibility, has placed both herself and mankind in a precarious position -- so dangerous, in fact, that I believe her doing so constitutes a forfeiture of sanity. Consider that every choice, every decision, every plan, and every venture requires picking between goods, a selection of a certain path to the exclusion of all others.  The ability to choose greater over lesser goods and higher over lower paths is known as reason -- the mind projecting consciousness forward, attempting to predict outcome and choosing for itself which is superior toward the pursuit of happiness (whether by conscience, Law, urge, or intellect). Choice cannot be avoided. ...(Read Full Article)