The Church of Scotland vs. Israel

The Church of Scotland is a large organization that claims a membership of 500,000. Its congregants are served by 1200 ministers in parishes and chaplaincies, most of which are in Scotland but some of which are in other countries. An important body within its structure is the Church and Society Council whose stated function is to engage on behalf of the Church in national, political and social issues affecting Scotland and the world today. The broad range of issues with which it has been concerned include human rights, asylum, ethics, science and technology, gambling, climate change, and education. The stated aim of the Council is to use theological, ethical, and spiritual perspectives when formulating policy, and to represent the Church by offering appropriate and informed comments. To this end the Council issued on May 3, 2013 what it termed its latest reflection on questions that need to be faced as "the political and humanitarian situation in the Holy Land continues to be a source...(Read Full Article)