The Burden Is on Us

The Obama administration is drowning in the tsunami of its lawlessness.  As Barack Obama and his ridiculous crew of spokespersons and sycophants continue to lie and misdirect about the growing scandals of the Benghazi massacre; the Internal Revenue Service targeting organizations that venerate the Constitution or contain the words "Tea Party," "Patriot," or some combination thereof; and Obama's inaptly named Justice Department's snooping on the Associated Press, it is best to recall the words of the brilliant author Mark Helprin.  He deftly demolished Obama and his ilk when he said two years ago, "You cannot draw upon the glory of the English language if nearly every utterance is a lie." This administration will cling to its lies as bitterly as we dangerous purveyors of liberty, limited government, and the Constitution cling to our weapons and Bibles.  It would perhaps be a sign of the apocalypse if Obama were to, as John F. Kennedy did following the disaster of the...(Read Full Article)