The Burden Is on Us

The Obama administration is drowning in the tsunami of its lawlessness.  As Barack Obama and his ridiculous crew of spokespersons and sycophants continue to lie and misdirect about the growing scandals of the Benghazi massacre; the Internal Revenue Service targeting organizations that venerate the Constitution or contain the words "Tea Party," "Patriot," or some combination thereof; and Obama's inaptly named Justice Department's snooping on the Associated Press, it is best to recall the words of the brilliant author Mark Helprin.  He deftly demolished Obama and his ilk when he said two years ago, "You cannot draw upon the glory of the English language if nearly every utterance is a lie."

This administration will cling to its lies as bitterly as we dangerous purveyors of liberty, limited government, and the Constitution cling to our weapons and Bibles.  It would perhaps be a sign of the apocalypse if Obama were to, as John F. Kennedy did following the disaster of the Bay of Pigs, stand up and say that, as the "officer of government," he is ultimately at fault for the circumstances that led to the death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and the others, the harassment of perceived political enemies by the thuggish IRS, and the intrusion into the communications of the Associated Press.  The responsibility to act against these scandals will, therefore, not be put upon Obama.  It is upon us to prevent the death of public liberty.

The responsibility to act lies with Republicans in the House, who, as the majority, have the constitutionally mandated responsibility to lead oversight of the executive.  House Speaker John Boehner must convene several special investigative committees and bring the responsible people in Obama's government under oath to answer questions on pain of perjury -- questions such as the following:

What were Stevens and others in the U.S. diplomatic corps doing at that Temporary Mission Facility in Benghazi in the first place?  Was the Obama administration running a Middle Eastern version of Fast and Furious?  Were we arming terrorists?

Why were particular organizations investigated and harassed by the IRS, and on whose say?

For what purposes did you snoop on the communications of the Associated Press?  They weren't pliant enough?

The responsibility is on Democrats everywhere, who must, once and for all, put aside their maniacal loyalty to a man who is finally being widely exposed as a tyrant.

Or is the further entrenchment of power for people such as Obama and Hillary Clinton, who, as we have seen and will be further demonstrated, have no qualms persecuting their enemies and abandoning our representatives to the tender mercies of the jihadists, more important?  For those who still incomprehensibly support the Obama administration and creatures such as Hillary Clinton, consider this: if these people, with the firepower and resources of the world's strongest military at their disposal, are willing to let a United States ambassador and U.S. servicemen be murdered without calling in reinforcements, then lie about it to their families, the nation, and world at large over their flag-draped coffins, do you really think they give a damn about you?

Ultimately, the burden is on us, the sovereign.  Contrary to what Obama, Clinton, and the entirety of the left believe, we, the citizens, rule this country.  That ownership carries with it a sacred responsibility in perilous times such as these.  We must prove to these charlatans that we recognize that we live in a republic, and not the two-bit banana republic into which Obama and his indecent, corrupt administration is attempting to transform us.

Thomas Jefferson asked, "And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?"

Resistance can take many forms.  Deluge your representatives with e-mail, phone calls, and letters demanding that they take action against this overbearing government.  Express yourself in the 2014 elections by campaigning for and voting for individuals who pledge to uphold the rule of law and who will, regardless of party, bring these miscreants to account.  Attend public meetings and protests; talk with your friends and family and make them aware of what is being done to the Constitution and, ultimately, their rights as free citizens.

Jefferson's question is again asked of us.  Do we yet have that spirit of resistance that once booted out one the mightiest empires the world has known?  Can we send the current band of liars and amoral statists out of the halls of government, or have we grown too lethargic and distracted to care?  Are we worthy of our forebears?  If so, the republic shall endure.  If not, the victory will go to this tyrannical regime, our eventual fall will be further accelerated, and we will be judged responsible.

The choice is clear, and it is time to act.

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