The Beggar's Mafia

Gabrielle Giffords, her companions, and the families of the dead children and teachers from Sandy Hook know better than anybody else that they are the victims of violent crime. They also need to know that they are victims of psychological crime at the hands of Barack Obama's Beggar Mafia. I learned about the real Beggar Mafia only when I researched this article. I remembered that medieval beggars exploited physical disabilities, especially those of children, to gain sympathy and charity from passers-by. Some beggars did more than hope for a special needs child; if the baby was born healthy, they broke its legs themselves. The keyword search revealed, however, that this barbaric infliction and then exploitation of other people's pain is alive and well today: So just who would chop off the leg of a healthy child? The boys are victims of India's so-called 'beggar mafia' -- criminals so violent and amoral that they are prepared to hack the limbs off children, as well as steal new-born...(Read Full Article)