The Audacity of Disappointment

The timing of so many sensational American crime stories packed together -- Jodi Arias, Ariel Castro, Kermit Gosnell -- were a news cycle boon that gave President Obama some precious time to prepare for a fast approaching storm of scandals while the media and public attention were focused elsewhere. Thus, one would have hoped that Obama could ready a far better response than he has offered thus far to the dizzying array of problems and scandals that have blown up: Benghazi-gate, Associated Press-gate, and IRS-gate. Instead, Obama's approach resembles his passive mishandling of the mess in Syria: hoping others solve the problem for him, acting only when external forces absolutely require it and only after devastating and irreversible damage has already been done. As bad as each of the unfolding scandals might have been in isolation, they are collectively far more ruinous because each one independently suggests the same thing: an administration that has breached the public trust,...(Read Full Article)