Shutting up the FBI

The FBI's public posturing in the matter of the Boston Bombing is like watching the hundredth rerun of a bad movie. "Stand between the FBI and a press conference" the old saying goes, and you'll "get run over like leaf debris." But what's most alarming about the FBI's obsession with their "Bureau's" public image is all the private damage it does. Remember security guard Richard Jewell, who discovered the bomb set at the Atlanta Olympics and saved many bystander lives? A legitimate hero. But desperate to be seen solving this high profile case, the FBI focused on Jewell and without any evidence at all, constructed a custom "psychological profile" that force-fit him with the crime instead of the other way round. Deliberate FBI leaks then painted him as a wannabe cop, a loser who wanted to cast himself into a rescue role then opined that nails found in a search of his home were "similar" to this used in the bomb. And so, in this smarmy manner -- news conference followed by leak followed...(Read Full Article)