Shielding Barack Obama From IRS Disgrace

On behalf of the progressive "FORWARD" movement, with a near-religious zeal that far exceeds the bellicose fervor liberals accuse conservatives of displaying, Obama supporters in the IRS went about the business of discriminating against social welfare groups as well as targeting those with opposing religious and political views. It was during the 2012 presidential debates, when referring to the tragic events that took place in Benghazi, that Barack Obama said the following: "Ultimately, as commander-in-chief, I'm responsible, and I don't shy away from that responsibility." Yet, for some reason, when it comes to the IRS scandal, the president seems hesitant to pretend to shoulder the blame for what took place at the largest U.S. government agency under his jurisdiction. Then again, in all fairness, Obama being expected to take the hit for both Benghazi and the IRS is certainly more bogus culpability than one irresponsible president should be asked to handle. Which raises the question:...(Read Full Article)