Scandal is not Enough

The scandal eruption currently surrounding the Obama regime was inevitable. The only question was when and what would finally break through the wall erected around the White House by the media. It has long been obvious to conservatives in America that Barack Obama and his fellow travelers are devoid of any honor or integrity and have been immersed in not only socialist/ Marxist philosophy but the belief that they are preordained to govern the masses. Therefore there is but one enemy -- their political opposition, who must be defeated at any cost and by any means possible, ethical or otherwise. This mindset was bound to lead to excesses that even the many sycophants in the mainstream media could not ignore or effectively sweep under the rug. The tacit alliance with a media not only infatuated with the historical nature of an Obama presidency but sympathetic to many of his policies also instilled in Obama and his cabal an air of invincibility. They could, therefore, do anything and get...(Read Full Article)