Scandal is not Enough

The scandal eruption currently surrounding the Obama regime was inevitable. The only question was when and what would finally break through the wall erected around the White House by the media. It has long been obvious to conservatives in America that Barack Obama and his fellow travelers are devoid of any honor or integrity and have been immersed in not only socialist/ Marxist philosophy but the belief that they are preordained to govern the masses. Therefore there is but one enemy -- their political opposition, who must be defeated at any cost and by any means possible, ethical or otherwise.

This mindset was bound to lead to excesses that even the many sycophants in the mainstream media could not ignore or effectively sweep under the rug. The tacit alliance with a media not only infatuated with the historical nature of an Obama presidency but sympathetic to many of his policies also instilled in Obama and his cabal an air of invincibility. They could, therefore, do anything and get away with it utilizing the most ridiculous of explanations or excuses confident in the knowledge that they would not be pursued by the media.

Never has any previous administration in American history so blatantly and repeatedly for months lied about a crisis that took the lives of American citizens as has the Obama White House in the Benghazi consulate murders. Particularly when it was so obvious to the world that this was a terrorist attack and not an impromptu demonstration over an obscure You-Tube video. Whether done for political purposes or not the mere fact that these people thought they were justified in doing so and so confident they could get away with it reveals a truly psychopathic state of mind.

The same is true of the IRS and the Justice Department, which under the Obama regime has apparently become the new American secret police, intimidating and threatening the administration's political enemies or covertly spying on the media and Congress. Using tactics that would have made many of the despots of the twentieth century proud, this regime has dramatically eclipsed anything done by Richard Nixon or any former presidential administration.

There will be more such scandals, some of which are already bubbling under the surface, such as the shakedown of insurance companies, already under the thumb of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, in order to fund the rollout of ObamaCare. This action is a blatant disregard for the law and ethical behavior, as only the Congress can finance government activity.

However, this is not the time for conservatives to celebrate or anticipate the potential downfall of this deceitful and corrupt administration. The fact of the matter is Obama will serve out his full term. There will never be the national will to impeach the first African-American president. Much of the media will, in due course, return to their role of protector of the man they did so much to get elected. Some in the media will not be as willing as they were in past to accept without question the talking points and propaganda emanating from the White House; nonetheless, they will not pursue a story with anywhere near the same vigor as they would a Republican or non African-American president.

Therefore Barack Obama will continue to place his like-minded associates in positions of power in the various federal agencies that will persist in issuing a flood of mandates and regulations which will dramatically affect the day-to-day lives of all Americans. The Judiciary will continue to be stacked with extremists. The implementation of ObamaCare will begin in 2014, despite its impact on the economy, and the international scene will further deteriorate as American influence wanes.

Relative to the ongoing scandals, the road ahead for conservatives and the Republican Party must be to create a steady and continuing drumbeat of exposing the facts of not only the current scandals but those that have yet to be revealed. This should be done consistently over the next 12 to 18 months by the House of Representatives and all facets of the alternative media. This will, additionally, curtail the mainstream medias' ability to bury the scandals or the public to forget them entirely. Concurrent with this strategy, a campaign issue should be created focusing on lack of character, honor, and integrity as the underlying cause of all the scandals. This should not only be directed at the president but his appointees and many in the Senate -- such as Harry Reid.

However, the most important stratagem to focus on is how the Tea Party Movement and other patriotic groups as well as the overall conservative movement can best get their revenge. That is not by just suing the IRS but by reorganizing, uniting, and focusing on one grand tactic: defeating any Democratic Senate candidate running in 2014. It should not be forgotten that it was Democrats such as Harry Reid, Max Baucus, and Chuck Schumer who requested in 2010 and 2011 that the IRS investigate conservative-leaning PACs and the Tea Parties.

By maintaining control of the House and taking over the Senate, combined with the debacle certain to ensue with the implementation of ObamaCare and a still stagnant economy fraught with double digit unemployment, Barack Obama will become nearly irrelevant, particularly if the Republican-controlled Congress focuses on rolling back and stymieing the regulatory powers of the various federal agencies.

While the nation cannot be freed from the oppression of the Obama administration, by sensibly approaching the current scandal eruption and planning for the 2014 mid-term elections, the United States could be spared any further damage.

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