Russia's AIDS Epidemic: It's America's Fault (of Course)

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is raging out of control in Vladimir Putin's Russia.  It is perhaps the single most devastating hallmark of the demographic crisis that has his nation by the throat.  Instead of contending with it forthrightly and energetically, Putin is ignoring the crisis in favor of a neo-Soviet Cold-War confrontation with the West. In a 2011 report issued on World AIDS Day, the United Nations stated the stunning reality:  "The Russian Federation and Ukraine account for almost 90% of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region's epidemic. Injecting drug use remains the leading cause of HIV infection in this region, although considerable transmission also occurs to the sexual partners of people who inject drugs." In 2009, U.N. data had shown that there were just under 1 million people infected with HIV in Russia, with Ukraine adding another 350,000.  But by 2011, the U.N.'s data revealed, Russia's number had soared to as many as 1.3 million,...(Read Full Article)