Protecting the Rich?

One of the more enduring political fairy tales is the one about how Republicans are protecting the "rich."  Every time tax cuts are mentioned, in any context, or any congressional questioning of regulations that might reduce drilling for oil (just as one isolated example), this fatuous untruth is dusted off and trotted out by the Liberal-Progressive-Democrat anointed establishment. The new term of art currently being used to describe the useful idiots who support the Democrat Party and Barack Obama is "low-information" voters.  The question has to be asked: how little information must such people possess to believe this nonsense? Does anyone, anyone at all, think that Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett or T. Boone Pickens, Donald Trump or anyone else on the Forbes magazine list of the richest Americans is unable to fend for himself?  Or might a reasonable person think that billionaires are fully capable of taking care of themselves?  A reasonable person...(Read Full Article)