Obama's Real Legacy

The current abusive conduct by the IRS is breathtaking in its audacity. When you look at last Friday's testimony Acting Commisioner Steven Miller there is a clear disconnect -- the doesn't think anyone did anything illegal, unconstitutional, or even wrong. Apart from a stark posture of arrogance and negative body language, he represents a very large group of people we need to worry about. This guy is beyond zealotry -- he has gone straight to certainty that he is right, his actions are justified and he can't be touched. He's like Obama's buddy Bill Ayers -- I did it, I'm glad, and you can't touch me. Mr. Miller is very deep into the beltway. Guys like him are far more dangerous than Obama because they will all be there when Obama is gone. IRS abuse is clear; story after story tells of corruption flavored with malice. The scandal of tax-exempt application handling has been going on for so long that there must have been widespread knowledge, but not so long that it can be laid at the...(Read Full Article)