Obama 'In the Morehouse'

Recently, President Obama, with Valerie Jarrett in tow, graced the podium at Morehouse College to deliver the keynote speech at the historically all-male black liberal arts institution's commencement ceremonies.  Morehouse's alumni include notables such as actors/Obama bootlickers Spike Lee and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as non-bootlicker Herman Cain. Without the assistance of a Marine to shield him from the rain, Obama put on his best "in the house" accent and greeted distinguished guests and 2013 graduates.  Then, after talking about hair and Michelle's feelings about rain, the president bestowed dispensational entitlement "Crown Forum credits" upon students who would otherwise be ineligible to graduate without them. Barack "You can't tell me much" Obama, newly installed as an honorary member of the elite African-American Morehouse Men intellectuals, told the group, "You can always tell a Morehouse Man -- but you can't tell him much."  With that in mind, one...(Read Full Article)